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About the HubCentric-rings.com

The company behind this web store

Frontside is a company specialized in the sales of Hub Centric Rings The company has solid experience in the fields of rim equipment and webstores.  We have an extensive range of Hub Centric Rings in stock suitable for a wide variety of rim and car manufacturer products. We actively operate to maintain the best selection on the market.

Our goal, to simply remove the difficulties that consumers come across trying to find a simple, yet efficient online-only shop. We specialise in every product we sell and we stock our advertised items.

Our method of trading is simple, we are specialists in our products, and can guarantee to beat the price of most large chain companies because of this. We have sourced the most reliable and effective suppliers, so that we stock all of our products we sell from the best suppliers.

We are not a retail unit, we are solely online, to minimise costs and to simplify our trading.

Should you have any further questions about us, how we work, or what we can offer you, please do not hesitate to contact us via email info@hubcentric-rings.com. We try to reply as soon as possible!

Delivery time

  • We will process your order and dispatch it within 24 hours (on business days)
  • Delivery may take 2-15 days depending on your location
  • Estimated delivery time in European countries is 2-8 business days
  • Estimated delivery time in countries outside Europe is 10-15 business days
  • The 24h shipping service is only for the listed stock sizes. We will manufacture and send customized sizes within 5 business days of the order. As it is, the estimated delivery time for custom sets is 2-15 days + 5 days.


Frontside Ltd

Warehouse Location:

Alasintie 9
90400 Oulu

HCR - Hub Centric Rings display stand. Order it to your shop! In below there is a stand customized for a Hub Centric Rings distributor in Finland.

hub centric rings


More than 200 stock sizes
High-quality materials
Cheap prices (24.90 € / set)
Fast and free 24h shipping
No registration required
Easy ordering process
Reliable payment methods
Fast and safe delivery
Money back quarantee


Frontside Ltd

Warehouse location:

Panimokatu 1
20760 Piispanristi


Money back guarantee

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