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Custom spigot rings / Custom made hub centric rings

We can also manufacture customized spigot rings for your special needs. You can make use of this when you cannot find the correct size from our stock size list.

Maximum outer diameter for customized spigot rings is 120 mm. Accuracy is ± 0.1 mm. Customized hub centric rings are made from high quality engineering plastic (POM) by CNC milling machine. Height of Custom hub centric rings is 10 mm.

Price list:

  • Normal sizes $ 59,90 / 4 pcs
  • Big sizes, over 80 mm: $69,90 / 4 pcs
  • Very big sizes, over 100 mm: $79,90 / 4 pcs
  • Free Shipping

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Note: Because we make Custom hub rings as "built to order", there is no possibility to return custom rings. We will manufacture and send customized sizes within 5-14 business days of the order. As it is, delivery time for custom sets is 2-15 days + 5-14 days.


More than 200 stock sizes
High-quality materials
Cheap prices (24.90 € / set)
Fast and free 24h shipping
No registration required
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